Cut The Crap

Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Get your nutrition back on point.

It's been a challenging few years and, if you're like most people, between lockdown and all things COVID-19 chances are you've let things slip a little on the nutrition front. We've created this 30 day challenge to kickstart getting things back on track. Rope in your mates to take the challenge, it's free!

No dieting or strict eating plans.

No counting calories or hunger pains. Just have some fun with some simple swaps for 30 days. You can do that, right?

Yeah I can do that!

Simple changes that make all the difference.

Show me the 4 things!

Recipes and meal ideas.

Show me the recipes!

Meal plan, planners and shopping lists.

I need this!

Grab the Starter Kit!

Drop in your email address below for instant access to the Challenge Starter Kit which contains the rules of the challenge, recipes, meal plan and more. We'll email you the next steps to get involved in the challenge!

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