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Tasty, good and no crap added. Low carb, love them!

Collagen bars

Everything of your bars was great, packaging, flavours, prompt service, your marketing Etc etc and I would have marked you 5 stars however the big disappointment was that the bars have a really overpowering sweet taste which I’m assuming is the monk fruit. I am on lots of diet restrictions but can eat your bars as all ingredients are healthy and great BUT WAY TOO SWEET in taste which was disappointing :(

I’m not sure if other customers feel the same but if you were to reduce the sweetness that would be great 👍

Taste is excellent

The thickness of the pieces and the texture was perfect

I'm impressed

The bars are full of flavour and are nicely shaped.
I did not experience any sugar type rush. I felt that the bars satisfied my hunger without that bloat feeling.
I will definitely buy more.
Well done.

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Will M.

I liked them all except the chillies beef (too hot)
It also took 6 weeks to get my order delivered !

Thanks for the feedback Will! So sorry about the delay, COVID put us behind and then the floods caused havoc for us. We're back on track now.

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George C.C.
Biltong & Collagen Bars are great!!

Absolutely love the biltong. The collagen bars are great also. The beef bars will definitely take some getting used to though. I will definitely purchase again. Great for an easy healthy snack.

Biltong bags reduced in size

Same great product, but I preferred the larger size bags. If anything, the beef seems more tender on my last order. Delicious!

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Paul D.
Very Tasty and Lots of Variety

So many great tastes and looking at the ingredient list was pleasantly surprising.

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Collagen bars are good. Great taste and flavours. Biltong is good but maybe a bit thin. I thought the jerky was a bit too soft.

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Michelle P.
Better than expected!

Love the Biltong.. especially the Chilli. Very tasty and very tender. The beef bars are just as good. The flavour of the collagen bars are good but the texture to me is not very nice amd it sticks to your teeth, just not for me... would definitely order the beef bars and Biltong again, 100% better and way superior to the other commercial Jerky you can buy in the supermarkets. 👍🏼

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Robert S.
Starter Pack Review

Starter pack was awesome , gave a good insight to and what the product taste likes .
Product was Very nutritious and suited my needs as a Heavy Machinery Operator Shiftworker .

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Way to go…

Love the Beef Bars so much that I ordered more. Even ordered an extra Total Pack for my daughter & her partner to try as well.


Best clean snack option! Perfect when travelling or on the go, the sampler pack is great for some variety. Chilli packs a bit of a kick and love it!

Really appreciated the order and especially the customer service! Next time I’d love to limit the flavours to the peanut butter bar and hazelnut if possible. Thanks 🙏🏼

Excellent Product

The Collagen Cashew Shortbread bars are great and very filling. My only criticism is that they are a little bit too sweet for me. I'm going to try the peanut butter ones next.

Love "em

These are hands down the best health bar I've ever had

Unique Option

Love these bars - not a traditional protein bar and not beef jerky. A unique option that allows you to add some variety to your high protein snacks.

Chief beef

Awesome product, excellent snack in between main meals, would buy again in future ✔️

OK this is better than the last shipment

I liked the previous versions of the Biltong, however this new version - arrived April 2022, the beef was thinner and easier to chew, and softer. So overall a better experience for me.


Both the beef bars and the biltong are great! Very tasty. (Don’t be put off by the look of the bars)

Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)

Size matters

I really enjoyed the taste, texture and the overall bar. But the size proportion to the nutrition was a little underwhelming when stacked up against other protein based bars. If the bar was a little larger in size… then BOOM, You’d have me fully converted!

Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s not obvious but the beef bars, while a 40g bar, actually contain 80g of organic beef, we just remove the water. So they’re actually incredibly nutrient dense compared with any other type of protein bar.

The other thing to keep in mind is we use beef, not cheap protein isolates that need to be masked with loads of fake crap. So rather than the chemical soup of artificial thickeners, fillers, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols you find in most protein bars that, despite the claims, are not health foods, you’re just getting real food that’s as healthy as you can get.

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Mika J.
Collagen bars are perfect

Others also good but not to my personal taste, but once again collagen bars are top of the tops. Highly recommended. If you like biltong, it is soft which is great.

Low Sugar Snack

They’re a great snack food, low sugar and taste yummy!

Beef Bar Sampler (4 bars)