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Starter Pack
Belinda T.
Great pack to give everything a try

The texture of everything is strange. I prefer the sweet bars however my 16 year old described them as dusty. I still thought they were tasty. The savory bars were strange but ok. Billiton was nice.

Starter Pack
Renai C.
Starter pack

Absolutely love the starter pack. It’s a great way to sample everything and being able to swap the chili products was a bonus. Great value and shipped quickly.

Starter Pack
Peter C.

Haven’t seen it not impressed

Starter Pack
Barbara E.
Great Taste. Filling when lunch is on the run.

I wasn't so keen on the texture and flavour of the meat ones but I loved the nut butter range - all of them. They were filling and the flavours are just lovely. I often need a nutritional top up mid afternoon when I busy and these were perfect. I'll be ordering more.

Starter Pack
Lachlan W.
Love them all

Everything is delicious. I especially love the collagen bars, they taste really good and have none of the bad stuff. Already made my second order.

Starter Pack
Hayley K.
Tasted Okay

I received the collagen starter pack. I didn’t mind the sweet flavours. They are quite high in calories and obviously the fat content is high. So if you are on a LCHF diet they will suit and they are quite satisfying. I am really not a fan of the meat flavoured bars. The flavour isn’t too bad, but the appearance and texture was not appetising to me. I’m not a fussy eater by any means, so I don’t think I will be alone here. Overall, I was not disappointed or impressed with the pack. I won’t purchase again.

Starter Pack
Jesse M.
Starter pack

The beef bars are without a doubt the best thing we’ve tasted from the “jerky” genre of food. And cannot rate them high enough ordering more right away. (6/5)!

The Biltong was great also better than most supermarket brands. (4/5)

The collagen bars however are incredibly dry. Though they have a pleasant initial taste and leave a great after taste, they’re near inedibly dry to the point where washing down large amounts of water is almost sickening to consume. (2.5/5)

Starter Pack
Emma D.

Collagen bars were tasty and I enjoyed the flavours. They didn’t taste too sweet or artificial at all. Not a fan of the beef snacks, but that’s just personal preference.

Meal on the go

I had bought them for hikes and quick camping meals yet finding them as handy for those on the go, busy days at home. Feels good, thanks!

Starter Pack
Courtney G.
Starter Pack

The jerky protein bars and Biltong are really tasty. Not so hot on the collegen bars, I think it’s just taste and maybe consistency. Was expecting it to be chewy (for no good reason!) the Lemon Tart has tasted the best out of them all.
The bars have kept me full as an in between meal options.

I hate it when you sell it all, I have to pace myself

I love Chief traditional beef. You don't even pay me to say this; on the contrary - I happily pay for quality snack food; the only sadness I have is for the four-legged creatures. They gave their all so we could enjoy the flavour, a couple of spices and decent organic stuff, and that is what a Chief Beef bar is to me. Good stuff, I am pleased I discovered them!

Perfect snack

Delicious and simple. Like me

Starter Pack
Paul C.

Sensational. Everything in the starter pack was delicious

Starter Pack
Briony B.

Bars were delicious and the biltong and jerky were a hit with the Hubby
Very very tasty.

Was expecting more

The taste was great but I found the meat from the Traditional Beef Biltong very chewy and stringy.

My favourite bars

Love them all
I'm addicted .
This is second time I buy in bulk
Thank you

Good quick healthy snavk

Only like the chocolate. Other flavours do not appeal to me. Maybe try some fruit flavours.

Nice, but very sweet

I like the texture and the general flavour of these, but the maple syrup is very strong and they're too sweet for me.

My thoughts

Been lookimg for a savory protein bar and so glad I hit on these, for me they cover off on taste and amazingly keep me going when I dont have time at work to stop for a meal or when I'm exercising for a few hours, they'll do me,

The greatest Beef & Chilli Bars in the universe!

I have been a subscriber for 6+ months and look forward to receiving my order every month - absolutely the best product on the market! Well done team chief!

None one to judge, but these are damned good

I like the fact they are healthy - filling and although not as spectacular as my mothers shortbread, they do me fine… If I suggested these were better than "my mums”, the old girl might come and haunt me… so, yes, I like Chief collagen bars…
I have them on my desk for the moment needed… in fact I have just had a bite of a Lemon Tart.

Savoury protein hit on-the-go!

Loved them! Quality ingredients and great taste. Awesome alternative to the usual sweet processed protein bars. They have a slightly powdery texture which makes the mouthfeel a bit unusual but not off putting.

Always great

Have been having these bars for about a year now . Quality is awesome and they always taste great . Great healthy snack !!

Best protein bars

These taste amazing! Especially if your a big peanut butter fan like me! I love that you know exactly what’s in them- all natural. The Perfect snack!


These collagen bars are incredible! The tasty is amazing and the texture is so satisfying and soft. I will get these again :)